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Lupo's World ~ A Blog

LAUNCH PARTY FOR WOLF'S CUT (Friday, March 28, 2014, 8-10 PM CST / 9-11 PM EST)


You're most likely strolling through Facebook in the evening right? Posting your favorite book, cartoon, and chatting with friends in between watching a cool show or settling down for the evening? There’s a fun VIRTUAL party you can drop by to help celebrate the publication of my new novel! We've got some books to giveaway also that you can enter to win, too!

The virtual party sponsored by Hook of a Book (www.facebook.com/HookofaBook) page takes place on the actual wall of the Facebook page (not on the invite wall if you have a FB invite) on Friday, March 28, from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM CST (9:00-11:00 PM EST).

Attendees will be able to ask me any questions they want by PRE-ASKING or asking during the party via an email submission which will then be posted by the moderator to the Hook of a Book wall. Attendees can see questions answered and will be able to comment.

Please pre-ask questions using email listed below or Erin will also take limited questions during the party which will go in a queue to be asked in order received. Email Erin at hookofabook@hotmail.com (subject: (author) question). Emailing a question enters you in the giveaways, or you can email just to enter.

The night of the event (Friday, March 28) you can also inbox message Erin Al-Mehairi on the Hook of a Book Facebook page (below) if you can’t email and it will go into the queue.

Please, NO attendees should post questions to the wall of the party just because it gets too confusing. If questions appear on the wall, Erin will put in to the queue and then re-post the question as a status. I will have to wait for them to be re-posted and then answer. However, you can post to the wall to say “congratulations” and “what’s up,” and I am able to comment on that too.

We’re giving away some books! All those who ask questions will have a chance to win or you can email to enter! Keep an eye out for prompts.

Or just hang out and have conversation in the comments and enjoy your visit!

Please remember that refreshing your browser is very important to see all questions and answers ongoing during the event. Also remember to be patient. The moderator, Erin, is constantly working in the background and will be taking your emails, inbox messages, posting questions, and monitoring the party all at once.

You can RSVP or see more about the event here: : www.facebook.com/HookofaBook
Don’t forget, you also have to “like” the Hook of a Book page!

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“Like the Hook of a Book Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HookofaBook! We post reviews and interviews from this site there, but it also gives us the opportunity to talk books with you more, feature upcoming covers and releases, post free or discounted books, discuss literature, and showcase books we have on list to review. We’ll talk about the book, publishing and writing industry. We’ll probably also talk grammar tips and ask lots of questions, as well as post interesting historical articles, art, photos, and other things we find intriguing.

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"Wolf's Cut is a stellar addition to Gagliani's Nick Lupo series. An impressive and addictive read... cements Gagliani's place at the top of the new wave of horror/crime fiction."
--Dreadful Tales

"Let out a howl, because Lupo's back, and badder than ever!"
--John Everson, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Violet Eyes and NightWhere

"With his series of Nick Lupo books, W.D. Gagliani has done more than pump a little oxygen into the tired werewolf thriller. He's resurrected the entire genre and added a rush of nitrous oxide excitement. Do yourself a favor and pick up Wolf's Cut, a nice addition to this superior series."
--Gene O'Neill, author of Dance of the Blue Lady and Other Stories

"W.D. Gagliani's Detective Lupo series is the best of the werewolf genre. Top-notch writing, nail-biting suspense, and a ferocious mix of serial killers and werewolves... Gagliani continues to deliver fast-paced horror that will get your heart pumping. Highly recommended."
--Brian Moreland, author of Dead of Winter and The Devil's Woods

"Being Italian and a former cop I can relate to Lupo on many levels. The whole series is a big hit at our store with several of our staff. We can't wait for the next book. Keep howling!"
--Tony D'Amato, Chief Armorer of The Gun Store, Las Vegas, NV

"Wolf's Edge is an exciting page-turned full of suspense, mystery, and thrills. Don't miss it."
--The Horror Zine, on the 4th Nick Lupo novel

"Gagliani once more proves that werewolves are scary as hell."
--Jonathan Maberry, New York Times-bestselling author of The Dragon Factory on Wolf’s Edge

"Gagliani has brought bite back to the werewolf novel!"
--CNN Headline News Book Lizard on Wolf’s Trap

"The best werewolf novel since The Howling!"
--J.A. Konrath, author of Whiskey Sour on Wolf's Trap

"Riveting, disturbing, gut-wrenching – and entertaining as all get-out – and and I loved every page!"
--Jay Bonansinga, author of The Killer's Game and co-author of The Walking Dead Series, on Wolf's Trap, the 1st Nick Lupo novel

WOLF’S TRAP: The Nick Lupo Series Book One.

It takes a beast to catch a killer!

Nick Lupo is a good cop--with the instincts of a great detective... or maybe a wolf. Lupo has a lot in common with wolves, which is only natural considering he's a werewolf. He's battled the creature inside him for years, but now there's another predator in the area. A bloodthirsty serial killer is leaving a gruesome trail of victims, and it's up to Lupo to track him down and stop the slaughter. Will Lupo dare to unleash one beast to stop another?

Wolf's Trap is the Bram Stoker Award-nominated first book of the savage series of horror/thrillers about Nick Lupo, the werewolf/cop. These "North Woods Noirs" are set mostly in the wilds of Northern Wisconsin, where werewolf legends abound and the moon paints the treetops silver. Warning: adult content.
Other books in the series are Wolf's Gambit, Wolf's Bluff, Wolf's Edge, and the new one, Wolf’s Cut.

WOLF’S GAMBIT: The Nick Lupo Series Book Two.

There's something terrible happening near the resort town of Eagle River, Wisconsin.

Some people are afraid there's a wild animal on the loose, savagely tearing its victims apart. Others, like Nick Lupo, know better. Lupo knows a werewolf attack when he sees one. He should, since he's a werewolf himself, though he's been able to control his urges and maintain his secret for years now. He's also a homicide cop, so it may be up to him to hunt down one of his own kind. It looks like there's a new werewolf in town, a rogue out only for blood. But looks can be deceiving. And it's only the beginning of Nick's problems.

Wolf's Gambit is the sequel to the Bram Stoker Award-nominated novel Wolf's Trap, and the second in the savage series of horror/thrillers about the werewolf/cop. These "North Woods Noirs" are set mostly in the wilds of Northern Wisconsin, where werewolf legends abound and the moon paints the treetops silver. Warning: adult content.

WOLF’S BLUFF: The Nick Lupo Series Book Three.

The animal attacks in Wausau, Wisconsin, remind Nick Lupo of werewolf attacks. He should know...

Homicide cop -- and werewolf -- Nick Lupo has battled other werewolves before, killers who unlike Nick have no problem hunting human prey. So when a new series of savage animal attacks terrifies the area, Nick already has a suspect in mind. And he knows that if he's right it'll be up to him to destroy her. But even as he begins his surveillance, someone else is out there, watching them both. Someone with a very deadly plan. Someone who knows just what it takes to kill a werewolf.

Wolf's Bluff is the third novel in the series started by the Bram Stoker Award-nominated novel Wolf's Trap, following Wolf's Gambit. These "North Woods Noirs" are set mostly in the wilds of Northern Wisconsin, where werewolf legends abound and the moon paints the treetops silver. Warning: adult content.

WOLF’S EDGE: The Nick Lupo Series Book Four.

Can one werewolf stop a pack of super-wolves?

Nick Lupo is a homicide cop with a difference. He's a werewolf. He's worked hard to control his condition, but it isn't easy to contain the beast inside him. It also means he has some very powerful enemies. Wolfpaw Security Services is a mercenary organization that wants Lupo dead. They want to infiltrate the US military with their own werewolves and they can't let anyone -- especially a fellow-werewolf like Lupo -- stand in their way.

Wolfpaw's genetic experiments have their roots in the Third Reich, or perhaps even farther back, and now they might have created a "super-wolf" nearly invulnerable to silver. Soon their ranks will be filled with these invincible warriors. Can one wolf -- even a fierce beast like Lupo -- face the fangs and claws of a pack of these killers and hope to survive?

Wolf's Edge is the fourth novel in the series started by the Bram Stoker Award-nominated novel Wolf's Trap, and following Wolf's Gambit and Wolf's Bluff. These "North Woods Noirs" are set mostly in the wilds of Northern Wisconsin, where werewolf legends abound and the moon paints the treetops silver. Warning: adult content.

WOLF’S CUT: The Nick Lupo Series Book Five.

Nick Lupo: A cop, a werewolf...and a target!

Homicide detective--and werewolf--Nick Lupo is hoping to finally have a chance to focus his attentions on the woman he loves, instead of the Wolfpaw mercenary werewolves who tried so hard to kill him. Lupo survived that battle--barely--and brought down Wolfpaw. But Wolfpaw was backed by a super secret group within the Pentagon whose sinister plan is already in motion. And a new enemy has set its sights on the local casino. Nick Lupo thought he was home free, but whenever he tries to get out, they drag him back in...

Wolf's Cut is the fourth novel following the Bram Stoker Award-nominated novel Wolf's Trap, so it is the fifth in the savage series of horror/thrillers about the werewolf/cop. These "North Woods Noirs" are set mostly in the wilds of Northern Wisconsin, where werewolf legends abound and the moon paints the treetops silver. Warning: adult content.
 Read More 
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Guest blog post: "Shaping a PI Character: Mike Angel (a.k.a. D'Angelo)" by David H. Fears

W.D. Gagliani: In my continuing attempt to showcase not only horror, but thrillers and mysteries and eventually other genres, as well as the wonderful ways they can be blended, here is David Fears, who writes sexy hardboiled PI fare -- fans of Chandler and Hammett -- plus Spillane and Halliday, take note!


I came to fiction rather late in life. After 50 (the late 1990s) I realized that save for a few required novels back in college, I hadn’t read much fiction, but had focused on non-fiction—history, how to do books, etc. Whatever writing I’d done suffered from the foggy lingo of “academese.” Then I bought a bunch of Easton books—you know, those wonderful leather editions, etc. Soon after I was immersing myself in literary fiction as well as 50 or so books on writing fiction, and took part in several online crit groups. I did take one useless graduate class on fiction writing. After a few dozen short stories and a dozen or so published by obscure magazines, I thought I’d write one about the stereotypical private eye, but had no basis for the character beyond a few Bogie films. So, I scoured out a bunch of sales and bookstores and read over 50 different PI tales. I joined Private Eye Writers of America after I’d done a couple of PI short stories. All the advice I got was to make my PI stand out from the others—make him different, yet keep within the genre limits.

I fell in love with all things Raymond Chandler. I still read him and find him fresh and enchanting. Even though I liked his mentor, Dashiell Hammett, and was chilled some by Mickey Spillane, I thought Chandler lifted the PI genre to a higher plane, a literary plane.

The PI is a descendant of the Wild West gunslinger hero, a loner who had to keep peace by his six-shooter, fists and courage. A loner against lawlessness. Moving into the 1920s and 30s the PI was still a loner, but now fought against political and urban corruption as well as other crime. Save for a few rare passages, when it came to sex, the PI’s I read about just faded to black after some flirtation. I didn’t want to write porno, but had enough poetry in my prose to take the sex scenes further, and try to write them well without too much graphic description. I see this as a major change from the traditional PI tale, and one that’s perhaps more accepted today. I still seek to write in the mainstream of the genre, however.

While writing my first PI short stories, I discovered I too was a loner, loving the kick-in-the-ass, anti-PC aspects of the genre. They were a blast to write! My first novel, Dark Quarry, resulted from the “stitching” together of 4 short tales of PI’s. Not something I’d recommend as it was so much work, but it got me past my anxiety about writing anything as long as a novel.

Mike Angel is a romantic with a weakness for a wide variety of dames, especially those in trouble. He began as an investigator at the young age of 30, taking up his late father’s ambition to establish an elite agency. He changed his name from D’Angelo to Angel upon the murder of his father. Mike’s other quest, if it is one, is to find the perfect love, though even after it’s clear that he’s succeeded, he struggles against commitment and losing choices. He also struggles about his career choice, his failings for women in trouble, and his suitability for Molly. He’s somewhat of a cynic like other PI’s but not completely so. At times he’s downright moonstruck. Like other tough guys he had a weakness for the bottle, too, but overcame that after drying out at a sanitarium.

I also differentiate Mike with a touch of the supernatural—after taking up his late father’s cross Mike “hears” his voice in times of imminent danger. He also gained a long scar on his jaw from hunting down his dad’s killer. Dad “tells” him that he may warn Mike about dangerous situations through sensations in the scar, especially when St. Peter has limited his “quota of words.” Mike knows the voice is his dad’s, that it’s heard only by him, but isn’t quite sure if he’s inventing it as a way of holding on to his father or that he’s going nuts, strain from investigations. He doesn’t hear the voice at other times, usually, so isn’t sure how real it is. Mike’s ambivalent about investigating as a career but secretly enjoys the violence sometimes involved. Big cases are his meat. The “voice” and his love of violence are restraining elements that keep him from fully committing to Molly Bennett, his rose-colored-glasses love interest.

My Mike Angel Mystery novels (having finished 7 now) have been compared to Chandler, Spillane, and others. For me this is the highest compliment, but no one will attain Chandler in my estimation. I’ve also been influenced by John Lutz, and Loren Estleman.

Along the way I developed Mike’s partner and alter-ego, Rick Anthony, a retired NYPD detective and partner of Mike’s late father. Rick is over-educated with a stunning vocabulary, and a horndog for his age (in his 60s). Molly Bennett became their office whiz—she’s permanently optimistic, a judo student (brown belt) and is convinced she’s the right woman to settle down with Mike. Yet, she gives him enough rope to slowly reel him in. These two main characters were built from Mike’s influence, and met the sorts of traits that he might do well with. Still a loner by instinct, he appreciates Rick’s analytical balance and 29 years of NY street experience.

Putting together a PI character has been fun and productive. I know just what Mike will say and do in any situation now—as I do the other two main figures in the stories. Mark Twain said to create good characters and turn them loose. Mike, Molly, and Rick often ask me to begin another episode. When I do, they simply take the ball and run with it.

David H Fears
February 2012


By way of a bio, David Fears adds:

Back in 1971 I discovered that Mark Twain had traveled through my hometown in 1895 on the way to his world tour to get out of debt. That seed began to grow until in 2004 I began what has become a monumental, 4-volume work, Mark Twain Day By Day, an annotated chronology in the life of Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Each volume (3 are now published) is 1150-1250 pages, and sell to universities, libraries, societies, and Mark Twain scholars. Just before I got into the Twain writing, I began writing short stories, a few of which morphed into a hardboiled private eye detective novel. After studying hundreds of such books, and admiring Raymond Chandler and Mickey Spillane's work, I wrote four of them--and oh! how much fun they were to write. No one had to be politically correct, and the protagonist was driven to live up to his father's legacy--he was too young to be a PI at the start (30), but he had the help of his late father's detective partner on the NYPD, and the love of a good woman who was willing to wait until wild oats were sewn. So I got totally wrapped up in these characters. I believe good mysteries must be complex page turners; hardboiled should have the protagonist fighting corruption. There's sex, violence, and psychological reflection in my novels. I also studied composition theory, and read thousands of short stories. I taught writing at two for-profit colleges. Like Mark Twain, I love cats, am father to 3 girls, and am a westerner who has lived in various parts of the country. Read More 
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