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Check out the Vampire Diaries tie-in story "Voracious in Vegas" (Kindle Worlds) by W.D. Gagliani and David Benton! It's only 99 cents in the Kindle Store. Details below!
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The W.D. Gagliani Newsletter

NUMBER 12 WINTER 2013-2014

WELCOME TO MY brief end of the year newsletter. I'm keeping this one short with only new stuff. Mostly I'm writing to wish you a Happy New Year! May 2014 bring nothing but good times, good health, and prosperity to you and yours! Have a happy new reading year, too!

— W.D. Gagliani

This year's annual holiday tale, "The Christmas Mummy," is now available for Amazon Kindle.

"THE CHRISTMAS MUMMY" is a mostly YA tale, a sort of "A Christmas Story" with mummy.

It's almost Christmas, 1972. Danny and his folks brave a near-blizzard to drive to a department store in Racine, Wisconsin, where he hopes to connect with a coveted Mego Batman and Robin action set... but instead, something strange happens. His father is developing one of his typical rages and the store shelves are empty of every toy Danny would like, but that's not all... a bullying security guard and voices in his head change Danny this day -- and "The Christmas Mummy" will change him forever...

This short story is 5600 words. Try my other recent holiday tales as well, "The Christmas Wolf" and "The Christmas Zombie," though it should be mentioned that they are both more graphic, adult-oriented reads. "The Christmas Mummy" is PG and appropriate for all ages.

Find it:

"Starbird" takes flight again on January 8, 2014! It'll be part of the exciting new Amazon short story program, Story Front!

First published in the anthology The Midnighters Club, "Starbird" is a sort of hick-noir/​SF/​Damon Runyon mash-up that's definitely not PC and is intended only for adults.

In the seedy world of cockfighting, blade-enhanced winners slash their way to victory while the losers end up in a barrel to be fried and eaten. Nate’s hard luck changes when “Graken” comes along. Graken is a terrifying rooster-like creature who thrives on fighting and never, ever loses. Nate and his new partner Jerry travel the cockfight circuit with the unbeatable beast, happy to let Graken show them the good times. But good times always have to end, and . . . Graken’s gotta eat. Can they keep ahead of their reputation and keep the ravenous Graken satisfied? Are they willing to do what it takes? And... who's really in charge?

Find it:

Nick Lupo: A cop, a werewolf… a target!

WOLF'S CUT is coming in March 2014!

HOMICIDE DETECTIVE— and werewolf — Nick Lupo is hoping to finally have a chance to focus his attentions on the woman he loves, instead of the Wolfpaw mercenary werewolves who tried so hard to kill him.

Lupo survived that battle — barely — and brought down Wolfpaw. But Wolfpaw was backed by a super secret group within the Pentagon whose sinister plan is already in motion. And a new enemy has set its sights on the local casino.

Nick Lupo thought he was home free, but whenever he tries to get out, they drag him back in…

Wolf's Cut: Both the Kindle and trade paperback editions are available for pre-order from Amazon.

Find it here:

Are you a fan of The Vampire Diaries? Here's a chance to explore an alternate past for the Salvatore brothers... one that also fits the official timeline!

WHEN AMAZON OFFERED me a chance to write in The Vampire Diaries world of vampires, werewolves, witches, and warlocks, as part of its new Kindle Worlds fan fiction program, I was delighted to take on the challenge.

My favorite collaborator, David Benton, and I, immediately set about finding a niche for ourselves in the extensive Vampire Diaries timeline, settling on 1975 — two years before the Salvatore brothers will move to New York.

What were Damon and Stefan doing in 1975? Well, it involves the end of the old Las Vegas era, some good old-fashioned cheating, and the beautiful Lexi Branson. And a certain mob family.

Here's the official description...

Fear and Loathing and Vampires in Las Vegas!
Vampires enjoy nightlife, so where better to live than Las Vegas? It’s 1975, heart of the disco era, and the immortal Stefan Salvatore and his beautiful best friend Lexi Branson are living in Sin City, Nevada. Stefan is working for a security firm as a private investigator tracking down big-time casino cheaters. One of whom, it turns out, is Salvatore’s older, jaded and self-destructive brother Damon. The mob has bad-boy Damon drugged and set up for some real "high stakes" action – the kind of stake that goes right through a vampire’s heart.

Now Stefan must decide if blood is thicker than money and intercede to save his estranged brother’s life. Will Stefan bury the past and save Damon? Would such a favor go unpunished? And will the fabulously seductive Lexi Branson find a way to make both vampires happy?

Drenched in blood and throbbing neon, "Voracious in Vegas" will satisfy every dark craving of fans of The Vampire Diaries series.

Find it on Amazon here:

Hard-noir thriller Savage Nights is still, "in a word, INTENSE..."*

MY THRILLER Savage Nights (Tarkus Press) continues to rack up great reviews.

This fast-paced, brutal kidnapping and revenge tale introduces Brant, a Vietnam vet with a nebulous past. He's retired now, but when his niece is snatched from a mall, the kidnappers don't know what they've awakened. If you liked the movie "Taken," imagine that story on steroids. But read it only if you dare... it's not for the faint of heart! The content is graphic, the pace relentless, the action brutal.

"Very timely and realistic..."*

"Twists and turns will give you whiplash..."*

"This one kept me on edge..."*

"Could not put it down..."*

*some recent Amazon review titles...

Find it:

Future events and upcoming appearances:

Barnes & Noble Southland Center
2710 S Green Bay Road
Racine WI 53406
Saturday, February 22, 2014
I'll be participating in a multi-author panel discussion and writers' workshop featuring Chris Larsen, Nick Ramsey, Dave Benton, and others. Mark your calendars if you live in the Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee areas!

Until next time, thanks for reading my update. Look for more news soon. In the meantime, find me on Facebook and Twitter, check out my websites, and feel free to pass my newsletter along to anyone you know who might like their thrillers spiced with werewolves and plenty of graphic action.

Also, remember that reviews help! If you read and enjoy any of my novels and stories, please do me a favor and drop a review anywhere at all: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, a blog... Reviews help stimulate sales, help pump up algorithms, and ultimately mean that publishers will want more of my tales. Thanks in advance for taking the time...
And thanks for reading.
Happy 2014... and keep howlin'!

GAG ORDER! The W.D. Gagliani Newsletter
Number 12 Winter 2013-2014
"Published occasionally"
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New story by W.D. Gagliani, "The Christmas Zombie" is now available for Kindle and Nook and other formats!

GAG ORDER! ~ The W.D. Gagliani Newsletter

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Selected Works

fiction - horror/crime thriller
A Nick Lupo novella, set between the novels Wolf's Gambit and Wolf's Bluff. Find it on Amazon!
What do you do when two enemies come at you at the same time? Pit them against each other! Lupo keeps trying to get out, but they drag him back in...
Bram Stoker Award nominee that began the Nick Lupo series...
Is now back in ebook and trade paperback editions from Samhain Publishing!
Nick Lupo #4!
The stakes are high when Wolfpaw finally reveals what it wants from Nick Lupo. And why.
Fiction - Horror/crime thriller
"In Wolf's Bluff Gagliani once more proves that werewolves are scary as hell ... fast, vicious and thoroughly satisfying."
-- Jonathan Maberry
Fiction - Horror/crime Thriller
Wolf's Gambit is the sequel to the Bram Stoker Award-nominated novel Wolf's Trap. It's now published by 47North, an Amazon imprint.
Fiction - noir crime Thriller
Savage Nights is a tough, pulls-no-punches, hard-noir thriller that's not for the faint of heart.

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